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Three Reasons To Partner With An NCAA Advisor

Wallace Chambers

For any youth, the transition into the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a significant accomplishment. Yet, it is equally important to remember that this transition is not an easy one. While solid talent and skill can take you a long way, proper advisement is equally important. For this reason, if you have a youth athlete with aspirations to make it to the NCAA, a partnership with an advisor is often recommended. Learn more about why this partnership is so helpful. 

A Pathway to the NCAA

The ability to play in the NCAA as a collegiate player is not a given; it is a spot that all players must earn. Even more important, the ability to be considered for such a role is also not given. Players must follow certain steps to do so. 

An advisor understands this requirement and works with each player on an individual basis to help them establish their goals. Based on these details, the advisor can then plan a course of action for the player to follow in order to determine what steps are necessary to gain this opportunity. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Playing for the NCAA is just one goal. In order to be eligible, each player must also be a student at an eligible institution. For some families, paying for attendance can be a challenge. 

An advisor can often help pair student players with scholarship opportunities both from the college or university or an outside source so that they can achieve their goal of playing and continuing their education. In addition to assisting the student with securing a scholarship, an advisor can go over the program guidelines to ensure the child can retain this benefit. 

Residency Assistance

Depending on the student's status, housing may not be available to each player. For a student traveling from Canada to the United States, however, access to suitable housing is essential, as well as any necessary credentials needed to stay within the country. 

An NCAA advisor will use their relationships in the US to help each student secure housing for the duration of the stay at the institution. For parents, the peace of mind that their child will have a safe and secure place to stay is important. 

Considering these benefits, it is easy to see how helpful a partnership with an NCAA advisor is. Be sure to set your student up for the best chances of success and contact an advisor for help. 

For more info, contact a local NCAA family advisor